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What's the difference between silicon carbide and silicon nitride?
Silicon carbide is a glass like material which composes the element of the hot surface igniter. Silicon nitride is a very rigid material which in may cases can be substituted for silicon carbide. There are two main differences between nitride and carbide: Silicon carbide igniters are very fragile, whereas silicon nitride igniters are virtually unbreakable. And, silicon carbide igniters can be used in direct sense applications, whereas silicon nitride igniters cannot.

What's the difference between round and flat igniters?
Round and flat igniters do essentially the same job. They are both 120 volts and function the same way. It is mainly a matter of preference.

Many of your hot surface igniters seem to overlap in applications - is there more than one part that can do the job?
Yes! - this is why we have the universal kits, such as the UK1090, SN5090 and FC-055. There are exact replacements on the market, but in most cases universal kits will do the exact same job as the OEM original.

I am a contractor that does extremely high volume - may I purchase products directly from you?
No. We sell strictly to wholesalers. Contractors would not like it if we sold directly to their customers, just as wholesalers would not like it if we sold directly to their customers. We are happy to answer any questions you may have, and we will direct you to the most convenient wholesale outlet for you to get your goods, but we will not sell directly to any contractors or end users.